So I was going through my old computer the other day and looked through all my old cakes I made years ago when I first started this whole cake business. Some of the photos scared me but also took me back to when I had no idea what I was doing.




The first cake I ever made was this baby shower cake. Oh man did I ever enjoy being a part of making it. Sad enough to say that it was from a boxed premade mix, this was before the time where I actually made everything from scratch. ;) Back then it was all fun and games and experimenting with fondant, at the time I just wanted it to look good and I didn’t know a thing about flavour and good recipes.

It was the moment of giving the customer the cake and seeing their faces. If you have ever made a great looking cake you should know this feeling.  It’s better than sitting in front of the fire with a good cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day…but let’s get real that only happens in city’s that actually get about 4 feet of snow ;)

It only started off with 1 or 2 cakes here and there and most of the time I did it for fun and didn’t charge anything. Now I am making about 24 cake’s a month and about 100 cupcakes.

I have some awful first cake photos to show but they are way too embarrassing now to show them even though I put just as much love into the cakes as well………Okay fine I guess I will show you the most embarrassing one, but you have to promise not to laugh…



Now I did use faux characters on this cake from the bulk barn, it was also boxed cake mix and I couldn’t even begin to tell you what kind of icing I put on it BUT it was about the effort on this one.

Everyone starts somewhere and I always love to look back on photos and see how far I have come, it is always a learning process and I am always looking for the bigger and better in cakes and wanting to take the cake to the next level by challenging myself with new ideas and creations.

Here is one of the recent cakes, you can probably see the difference <3




Bye for now

Crystal Reddy from Reddy Made Cakes